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Half Free Fax App

25 usd

With price so small for 1000 pages its almost FREE.We prefer to make things easierSending fax free fax app for android, Fax+ is practically send half free faxFaxing never was so easy.Fax+ Applications is a mobile fax device IN your Smartphone.* Send photos, text, or PDFs from to conventional fax machines* Receive live status updates for your sent faxesNo registration required.No Credit Card needed. Pay once, and cheap, up to 1000 pages.With Fax+ you can send fax world wide .
Supports sending a fax to contacts, typed in fax numbers, or making your own contacs in the fax+ app.We will automatically retry faild faxes until it success. Be patient , indeed Fax+ built with advanced tools , yet on the other side there is a normal fax machine .Please allow 2 minutes per page .
We improve the app all the time , and releasing a new version on a weekly / monthly with many additional features that you will get no extra charge .